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Look for us in Waterfront Park,

at the boat launch and public dock area!

Our Vision:  To create a culture of team spirit, personal development and mental, emotional and physical well being.

Our Story:  It starts with a pedicure! In 2017 head coach Cheryl Roose moved to the Parkland area settling in Spring Lake. While getting a pedicure she met a lovely lady who talked to her about racing horses to which Cheryl shared she had never raced a horse only a dragon boat. The lady was excited as she had always wanted to try the sport and when she realized Cheryl was a coach she asked if she would consider coaching a team here in Parkland. Cheryl was thrilled to see her vision of bringing the sport out west.

This lovely lady would round up 25 women and asked her friend, who had a lake front property at Hubble's Lake if we could paddle out of her property and by the summer of 2018 Parkland's first dragon boat team, the Water Warriors was formed.

Within a few short months the word had spread within the county and tri region and by the summer of 2019 Parkland consisted of 3 teams to include one going to nationals and 25 first time paddlers. In response to the growth and the desire to support our national team Parkland Dragon Boat Racing Club was formed in March of 2019. Membership is currently over 100 paddlers!

Parkland area is brimming with the excitement welcoming this sport and dragon boating is a perfect fit in this community. PDRBC has found a home at Wabamun Lake and is currently introducing the youth and senior organizations and institutions to their active and healthful living vision. We are still striving to meet the demands of this fast growing sport here in Parkland and appreciate you taking the time to get to know us and our passion for dragon boat racing! We look forward to seeing you on the water!

Our Mission:  Bring people and teams together in the mindset of community, comradery and competition through the sport of dragon boat racing.



No experience required. The mandate of this crew is to win a berth at nationals to compete in world competitions. This crew trains three times weekly.

Level 2 Team

No experience required. The mandate of this team is to train twice weekly to race in local festivals.

Level 3 Team

 No experience required. The mandate of this team is to train three times weekly to compete in festivals locally and provincially. 

Level 1 team


No experience required. The mandate of this level is to have fun on the water once weekly!

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